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The best dad ever

The best dad ever - Harold Lefebvre

This morning, I took my daughter to the library for a story reading class for children. It was my day off, and I didn’t mind spending some time with her. I have been really busy lately, that I had little or next to no time left for her. I would leave the house in the morning and return close to her bedtime, when she was already grumpy and not in the mood for playing. Then I get my fifteen minute with her, by reading her some of her favorite bedtime stories: “The Cat in the Hat” and “Grumpy Roo”.

Her mother is the one who is always responsible for all her activities, events and playdates. She is the one taking her everywhere, ensuring she gets everything she needs. I don’t say anything she wants, because my little princess, like any other child her age, tends to become a little tyrant if allowed. We did have a few episodes with her, when she started to dictate on a loud voice and then scream, as a form of protest to our requests.

My wife is the older child in her family, and she had been in charge of helping her mother raising her younger brothers and sisters. All six of them! That certainly gave her an advantage in dealing with children. She has been exposed to all sorts of situations (cries, shouts, tantrums), and she learnt how to deal with them. She inherited her mother’s calm and sense of humour.

I don’t think I ever heard her shouting or yelling. She has her ways of being persuasive without raising her tone.

When I got to the library, there were six other children, more or less around Lily’s age, playing quietly in the area designated for children. I looked around and I saw I was the only dad present. All the other kids came with their mothers. I smiled and sat down with my Lilly, helping her remove her winter jacket. Right away she went to a shelf and picked up a book, which she brought to me, asking me to read it to her. To my surprise, she was not interested at all in playing with the other children. She acted as if they were invisible.

A few minutes later, a woman in her forties came by, and she greeted us all. All of the sudden, the children’s moms appeared as well, out of nowhere. The kids seemed to know the person who greeted us, because they all seemed excited about her arrival. By looking at the book she was carrying with her, I assumed she was the one responsible for the reading class.

While the kids were enjoying their story reading class, I started to do some work on my phone. I had two emails marked as urgent from couple of the Edmonton asphalt companies I was dealing with. When the class ended, my daughter came running to me. She gave me a hug and said I was the best dad ever for bringing her there.

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Harold is such a nice guy that everybody would want to be his friend. During the day, this charming young man is a serious entrepreneur, but in his free time he likes to party and enjoys extreme sports. It is this duality that permeates this unpretentious blog. You will get to know him!