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Planning some time off

Planning some time off - Harold Lefebvre

I think I am getting depressed. Or maybe I already am. Why I am saying this? Because I realized that each time I am annoyed with the slightest thing, I end up eating something. I never used to do this. I developed a bad habit that is probably underlying my frustrustations.

I need some time off to meditate and understand what is happening with me. I don't want to end up gaining a lot of weight. I certainly do not wish to go back to size extra large. Oh, no! This stress-related eating habit needs to stop fast.

I already asked my boss at work if I could take a few days off this upcoming week. I am planning to go to my parents cottage and stay there for two or three days alone, get in touch with nature and with myself.

Each time I neglect myself, my feelings I find myself on my therapist’s sofa talking about my feelings. I don’t mind talking to her because she really helped. She is an exceptional professional and a great woman. It’s just that I can’t afford her sessions right now. That’s why I need to do this on my own.

Finding the root cause is key in order to regain the balance. Ever since I noted my stress related eating, I tried to take notes. Writing down my emotions has always been a helpful practice that enabled me to have a better view at the greater picture.

Yesterday I called my mother and told her that I would pass by today to pick up the keys of the cottage before they would take off for Florida. She asked me to joined them, but I refused. As much as I would have enjoyed the sun, I must deal with this on my own. Thus tonight I went to her house, had dinner there, hugged them and wished her and dad a safe flight and to have a great time down South.

Dad had a great idea. He suggested that I should use their car while they would be away instead of looking for a car rental company and renting one. I regularly don’t need a car, because I use public transportation. But for going to the cottage, I would need a vehicle. Thus I took their car. I wanted to give them a lift to the airport but they said my sister who just left the Dallas acting class had already volunteered, therefore there was no need.

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Harold is such a nice guy that everybody would want to be his friend. During the day, this charming young man is a serious entrepreneur, but in his free time he likes to party and enjoys extreme sports. It is this duality that permeates this unpretentious blog. You will get to know him!