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Thoughts - Harold Lefebvre

During my last trip to U.S., all I heard were policies on how to change management Phoenix. If during my youth years, I was tempted to move to U.S., now I am happy that I stayed back home. I admit that I had some doubts regarding the job opportunities in here, but safety matters more than anything for me. I think everyone would chose safety over money. Maybe I am wrong. Who knows?

What I know for sure is that life in the states has changed radically in the past twenty years. I have travelled extensively all over the states and I saw it with my own eyes. This country is not what it used to be and it’s a shame. It’s painful to see how America is going down on its knees. 

Most of the people that I interacted with were telling me the same thing: they feared for their safety. With so many shootings everyone, a lot of them were considering moving abroad. Some actually did. They left the nice weather behind and moved up north, to Canada. Others chose other countries in Central or South America. They moved to enjoy a simple life, close to their family and enjoy a better quality of life for cheaper prices. Yes, one family can make a living in Central or South America based on the income of one person from the states.

I asked myself quite a few times if I would be able to move to a tropical destination. Each time the answer was negative, despite the fact that it looked very tempting. A few years back, I even had a job offer for a company in Panama, but I did not do it. The fact that I was not fluent in Spanish was a major drawback for me. 

Plus I know that once you passed the Southern border of the states, the employees’ attitude towards work changes radically. Being a workaholic, I saved myself the trouble of going nuts seeing employees doing nothing all day long, procrastinating everything, for the simple reason that it was a cultural thing. I knew I would have not been able to deal with this situation on a daily basis.

Not to mention that at that time, I was engaged. My former fiancee did not like the idea of leaving the country. Former, because we broke off after a few months later, when she told me that I was not ready to settle down. That was her opinion, not mine. Her loss!

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Harold is such a nice guy that everybody would want to be his friend. During the day, this charming young man is a serious entrepreneur, but in his free time he likes to party and enjoys extreme sports. It is this duality that permeates this unpretentious blog. You will get to know him!