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Vehicle Restraint Systems Ensure Greater Safety Around Your Docking Area

Vehicle Restraint Systems Ensure Greater Safety Around Your Docking Area - Harold Lefebvre

The most successful way to protect property, employees and vehicles in the docking area, is through the use of truck restraint system. Many reports by the federal government have clearly proven that this is the No. 1 way to reduce work place injuries and damage to property. This is why the use of these systems is so imperative.

There are four primary reasons that people are injured in the docking area. These range from such things as:

  • Trailer creeping
  • Unexpected departure of the vehicle
  • The landing gear collapsing from underneath the vehicle
  • The trailer unending

While some of these can be cause by human error, the vast majority can occur without any actions by people at all. This is especially true if the loading dock area has a small slant of some kind. If this is the case you can be sure that the truck will move in some way which is a danger to the vehicle, the load or the employees working on or around the vehicle.

This kind of problem can easily be resolved by using vehicle restraint systems. These restraint systems lock the vehicle in place so there cannot be any kind of slippage of any kind. It is the perfect way to prevent issues that can cause injuries or damage.

If you look at these kinds of problems you see that anyone of them can occur quite easily. It seems that in the normal course of doing business that they are virtually inevitable. The smallest grade or slope around the docking area, which is common because of drainage grates in loading areas, and the truck can move ever so slightly. This can be the difference between the truck being right up against the dock and it being two inches away. This difference can easily lead to forklifts losing control or employees falling off of the docks.

Vehicle restraint systems prevent these kinds of problems. The likelihood is that if you do not have these systems in place that you are paying much higher premiums on the insurance of your business. Insurance companies know that injuries are more likely to occur because these systems are not in place, and so they will charge you more money. You can reduce your costs and improve the safety conditions for employees by installing them in your business. Getting vehicle restraint systems just makes sense.

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